Silver & Fit Members


We have a lot of exciting outings
planned for you this Fall. Below, you will find the names, dates, times, and links to register for each outing.


We can’t wait to see you outside!


To register for any of these outings as part of your Silver & Fit membership, the first step is to call the Venture Outdoors office at 412-255-0564 ext. 200. We’ll verify your membership status and provide you with a unique promo code that will give you free access to the given month’s outings. Then you can visit this page again to view the month’s Silver & Fit special outings, and click the outing title to register.  Use the provided promo code at checkout to register for free.


January Outings:

January 14 – Stargazing Hike
January 15 – Soup of the Month Walk
January 15 – Hot Cocoa Snowshoeing
January 21 – Beginner Cross Country Skiing
January 21 – Cook Forest Hike
January 22 – Women in Nature Hike
January 22 – Beginner Snowshoeing



February Outings:

February 5 – Hot Apple Cider Walk
February 5 – Game Day Hike
February 11 – Winter Tree ID Walk
February 12 – Beginner Snowshoeing
February 18 – Beginner Snowshoeing
February 18 – Women’s Only Beginner Cross Country Skiing
February 26 – Women in Nature Hike



March Outings:

March 11 – Women of Pittsburgh Walk
March 12 – Soup of the Month Walk
March 12 – Full Moon Hike
March 18 – Urban Safari Hike
March 18 – Pot O’ Gold Geocaching
March 20 – Vernal Equinox Hike
March 25 – Bear Run Nature Reserve Hike
March 31 – Star Party Hike

We can’t wait to see you all on our outings. Thank you for your time!