Why It’s Rewarding To Work With Youth

By: Ryan Prescott, Trip Leader Specialist / PULSE Fellow Working with youth can be stressful. It can also be very rewarding. Working with youth after-school programs every day has its ups and downs. What you take away each day depends on how much you put in. There are truly some amazing people out there and...
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Venture Outdoors More: Make It Your Top Resolution For 2019

By: Alyssa Miele For years I tried to make a huge list of New Year’s Resolutions. I’d sit down a few days before the apple dropped, conjure up a list of 10 to 20 items, as excited as every prior year. Waking up on January 1, I’d feel ready to take on the new year,...
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How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

By: Alyssa Miele The holidays are a time for fun, food, and family. But in the midst of all the chaos, it’s easy to neglect our health -- both physical and mental. We all have a ton going on, but without taking the necessary steps to stay healthy, we won’t be at our best to...
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Environmental Film Making in Washington D.C.

By: Grace Eggleston, Previous Photography Intern I figured out a long time ago that there are two things I really enjoy: being outside and playing around with cameras. After graduating from Pitt this past year, I thought about what kind of career path I wanted to go down and decided I wanted to try out...
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A Sunrise Hike: Told By Someone Who Hates Mornings

By: Kaitlyn Gallagher Mornings are not my time. Every morning, I set at least five alarms and snooze them all. I am a miserable person in the mornings; I am grumpy and will say some things I don’t actually mean if someone crosses me the wrong way. I have definitely slept in past 2pm, and...
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