TriAnglers Lunchtime Fishing Returns

By: Jacob Tumminello, Fishing & Communications Intern

TriAnglers Lunch Time fishing, hosted by Venture Outdoors, returns to Pittsburgh for its 15th year. Tucked under the Roberto Clemente Bridge is a group of enthusiastic anglers dedicated to sharing the joy and art of fishing. TriAnglers provides bait and equipment allowing participants to fish at no cost.

When Sean Brady (formerly of Venture Outdoors) and Karen Gainey founded TriAnglers in 2002, their main goal was to reintroduce the health of Pittsburgh’s rivers to residents by delivering a quality fishing experience to anyone. “Fishing is great because it slows you down,” said Karen Gainey. “And fishing here at lunch time is perfect since there are tons of people walking the river front during their lunch breaks.”

Originally located at the Point, the program relocated to the North Shore construction and now lives underneath the Roberto Clemente Bridge along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail just outside of PNC Park near Kayak Pittsburgh. Fishing is available every Wednesday May through September from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM. Participants are welcome to bring their own gear although Venture Outdoors will provide spin and closed face reels, bobbers or weights, minnows, and night crawlers. The only requirement is a valid Pennsylvania fishing license which can be obtained through the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

TriAnglers shares the experience of fishing with as many people as possible. The program has helped hundreds of participants catch thousands of fish with the help of Venture Outdoors Trip Leaders. TriAnglers is also convenient for those who must return to work by baiting hooks and handling catches. From full business suits to recital dresses, TriAnglers welcomes people from all walks of life and delivers a memorable experience regardless of time or work constraints.

Participants have already reeled in upwards of 100 fish this season! Some of the more common species include rock, smallmouth and striped bass, catfish, and crappie. Other species of fish caught so far include walleye, perch, and freshwater drum.

Some TriAnglers have been fortunate enough to catch larger, more prestigious fish. Frank McCormick, a regular TriAnglers participant and avid fisherman, landed a 30-inch flathead catfish on May 31. Karen Gainey has also managed some great catches including a beautiful 20-inch perch!

Each catch is recorded and the largest fish is showcased in our ‘catch of the week’ section of our new TriAnglers webpage. Awards are presented to leaders in various categories including largest catch, most unusual catch, and most fish caught.

In today’s fast-paced society it is important to slow down and reconnect with the outdoors. TriAnglers is proud to provide Pittsburgh residents with an affordable, informative, and fun way to spend time outside by fishing the city’s waterways. You can find all information on TriAnglers and other Venture Outdoors activities by visiting our website.

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