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2017 Intern Spotlight

Venture Outdoors is excited to introduce our 2017 Summer Interns. Each year we collaborate with students from a variety of educational backgrounds to provide unique, hands-on learning experiences. Our Interns are individually trained to assist in leading trips and apply their knowledge to the operation of important Venture Outdoors departments including marketing, communications and programs. Keep an eye out for these friendly faces during your adventures with Venture Outdoors!
Communication Interns
Our Communication Interns are dedicated to connecting you with Venture Outdoors quickly and easily. These individuals are more than happy to answer any Venture Outdoors related questions or to spark some friendly conversations as they join you on the trail!
Our first Communication Intern is Jacob Tumminello, but you can call him Tummi. Tummi studied Journalism at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. When he’s not writing Venture Outdoor Internship Spotlights, Tummi enjoys hiking to hidden fishing spots, mainly fishing for bass and other freshwater fish. If you happen to hear a male tenor break out into song during TriAnglers fishing outings each Wednesday, you can assume it’s Tummi with a song stuck in his head as he also enjoys singing and playing music.[spacer height=”15px”]

Our Second Communication Intern is Chloe Seletz. Chloe studied Public Relations at Indiana University. One of Chloe’s favorite outdoor activities is hiking, and after spending four years living in London, she considers herself well-traveled. Chloe hopes to apply her PR knowledge working with an outdoor-affiliated organization.[spacer height=”15px”]

Aimee Albright is our third Communication Intern. Aimee Studied digital media production at Slippery Rock University and also enjoys hiking. She loves testing herself, having recently climbed Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Aimee hopes to continue her travels, utilizing her knowledge of digital media to share native cultures around the world. [spacer height=”15px”]
Kayak Pittsburgh Marketing Interns
Our Kayak Pittsburgh Marketing Interns specialize in combining their love of ‘yakking’ with the science of promotion. ’Yakmotion’ if you will.
Our first Kayak Pittsburgh Marketing Intern is Kenna Gubler. Kenna studied Integrated Marketing Communication at Duquesne University. Aside from kayaking, Kenna also enjoys snowboarding and hiking. Fun fact! Each member of Kenna’s family begins their names with the letter ‘K”. [spacer height=”15px”]
Our second Kayak Pittsburgh Marketing Intern is Alex Downing. Alex is currently studying Public Relations and Strategic Communications while minoring in Marketing at American University in Washington, DC. Alex’s favorite outdoor activities include kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, especially at North Park. Alex played the saxophone for 11 years and, though he hasn’t mastered playing while paddle boarding, he is a member of the American University Pep Band. Alex hopes to work for the Pittsburgh Pirates Public Relations team. [spacer height=”15px”]
Photography Interns
Our Photography Interns are tasked with capturing the memories made on each Venture Outdoor adventure. (And to take selfies with nature.)
Dani Bartley studied Commercial Photography at Ohio University. While outdoors, Dani enjoys trail running and rock climbing. She takes pride in her outdoor photography but her true passion lies in capturing candid photos of her two kittens Scooby and Jinkies. If unable to pursue her dream of being a feline photographer, Dani hopes to work as a photographer for an outdoor clothing brand. [spacer height=”15px”]

LeeAnne Conway is our Photography AND Fishing Intern. LeeAnne is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Science and Photography with a minor in Business. Fishing is LeeAnne’s favorite outdoor activity and one of her prouder moments includes wrestling with two nurse sharks in a saltwater lake! LeeAnne’s Ideal career involves taking photographs for National Geographic while traveling the world. [spacer height=”15px”]
Tyke Hike Interns
Tyke Hike Interns are responsible for assisting our young adventurers during nature walks and other outdoor activities. (We do NOT change diapers.)
Our first Tyke Hike Intern is Harmony Venturino. Harmony studied Early Learning and Development at Carlow University. Her favorite outdoor activities include biking, observing wildlife, and roller skating. To improve her outdoor skating skills, Harmony is part of the WestCo roller derby team. She hopes to one day obtain a position working with children and to create her own classroom. [spacer height=”15px”]

Our second Tyke Hike Intern is Emily Brower. Emily studies Sociology with a minor in Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include outdoor ice skating and kayaking. Emily enjoys staying active and was a part of two Pennsylvania State Champion water polo teams during high school. She hopes to obtain a career helping underprivileged children. [spacer height=”15px”]

Our Third Tyke Hike Intern Is Sam Soertel. Sam is currently studying History and Education at The University of Pittsburgh. He enjoys kayaking, has studied in Australia, and hopes to obtain a job working with either music or baseball.

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Program Interns
Jared Iwanski will be serving as a Fishing Intern this summer. Jared earned his MA in Art History from Warsaw University in 1981 and his PhD in Art History at NYU. Jared also studied Computer Graphics and Film at the School of Visual Art in NYC and Computer Art at the Parson School of Design. Jared’s favorite outdoor activities include fly fishing and kayaking.

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Richard Anesin will be interning as a high school student. Ricky attends City Charter High School and enjoys biking when he gets the chance to get outdoors. Though Ricky has broken his arms four times over the course of one year, he has never once broken his arm riding a bike (knock on wood).
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If you see one of our Interns on your travels with Venture Outdoors this summer, don’t forget to say hello.

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