Knot Tying Basics

Knots and knot tying have been used and studied throughout history. A variety of outdoor activities require basic knot tying skills, from climbing to sailing to building basic shelters, knots are important to know!

Discussion: The most regularly used knot is the overhand, so why do we need to learn any more? Think about all of the ways knots can come in handy, from outdoor activities to hanging up decorations at home, knots are used more than you might think. The more you know, the easier those tasks can be.

Handout: Knot Tying Guide


  • Description:
    • Practice your knot tying skills by following along with our handout. Activity can be done either indoors or outside.
  • Materials:
    • Any type of rope you have
      • Examples: shoe string, paracord, nylon
  • Next step:
    • After you’ve mastered those knots, follow the above handout to make your own rope!

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Special thank you to Venture Outdoors volunteer, Eric Steinbring, for creating the Knot Tying Handout!