Trail Basics

Knowing how to navigate on wooded trails is important, especially in the dense forests of Western Pennsylvania. This section will give you tips and tricks on navigating trails in less populated areas.

Discussion: Our outdoors spaces are for everyone, so being mindful and respectful of one another is how we all can enjoy the nature around us! This happens by understanding the basics of trail etiquette.

Handout: Trail Basics

Activity: Hike the Trails

  • Description: Time to get outside! The trail basics activity is a hike in the area of your choice. Check out our Walks and Trail Resources sites for local trails. You can also download the free AllTrails app, which shows you the trails in your area. Once you are prepped and ready, head outside! Take to the trails and make sure to follow basic trail etiquette. While you’re out, look for trail blazes and see what you notice. Some trails have consistent blazes, others have none.
  • Materials:
    • Sturdy shoes
    • Trail Basics handout
    • Map of the area or AllTrails app
  • Next Step:
    • Notice a trail that could use some love? Do some research and see what organization runs that area. Most trails have volunteer groups that work on trail maintenance. Look into volunteer opportunities to help! If they don’t run volunteer groups, you can still write an email or letter giving them a detailed description of what trail and issue you are seeing.