Practicing yoga can help in controlling your mind, body, and soul. Expand your mindfulness by bringing together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a deeper connection to your body and mind. Yoga helps manage stress and anxiety and creates tranquility within while also increasing flexibility and muscle strength.

Discussion: How are you working on your mental and physical health? Could you use a new outlet to achieve those goals? If so, yoga is a great activity that helps you work on your overall health and can be done on your own. Whether you are a beginner or expert, these simple poses can help you connect exercise and nature in the comfort of your own home!

Handout: Nature Yoga Flow

Activity: Yoga Session

  • Description: Practice yoga poses that reflect things found in nature, such as the sun, birds, and flowers. You can practice these poses in your living room or in your backyard; alone or with a partner! Take note of how you feel before the session and then once you’ve completed it, reflect on how you feel and what differences you notice. Do you feel relaxed or stressed? Do your muscles feel stretched or tighter?
  • Materials:
  • Next Step:
    • Go through the Nature Yoga Flow again but challenge yourself by holding the poses longer and repeating the flow!
    • Ready for something new? Check out the additional resources below to find free yoga sessions from local organizations in Pittsburgh!