As our communities hunker down and prepare for a few weeks indoors, Venture Outdoors is here to help! If you are healthy and while it is still advisable by local authorities, we encourage you to practice social distancing and take a walk. Get outdoors, get some fresh air, wave to a neighbor and enjoy the spoils our environment has to offer. If you’re close to trails, take a hike and listen to the sounds nature has to offer. In your community, walk through your neighborhoods and focus on seeing what you might not have seen before.

For anyone in close proximity, take advantage of the Venture Outdoors Walks website. We’ve created 35 short, local walking tours to help folx of any age find a route to enjoy. Have any ideas for routes in your neighborhood? Send them to us and we’ll share them on our website!

Many of us are finding new ways to entertain, teach and care for our children during this time. Venture Outdoors is here to help keep the outside top of mind while we spend extra time inside! Introducing the Virtual Outdoor Experiences! Each day, you and your family can enjoy a quick ‘outdoor’ activity aimed at teaching children safety, leadership and FUN associated with the outdoors. Complete each lesson in the series and we’ll send your indoor/outdoor student a cool water bottle or adventure pin!