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Volunteer for Big Day Aht

We can’t celebrate 20yrs without you!

Big Day Aht will take lots of helpers to make June 5 a success. We’ll need:

  • Volunteers: No experience required. Complete the form below.
  • Trip Leaders: Experience required. We ask that you complete a background check, and are CPR certified. Trip Leaders can apply HERE. Once cleared you can lead trips for Big Day Aht AND all year long.
  • We cannot guarantee shirt sizes, but we hope to get yinz in a sweet new Venture Outdoors volunteer t-shirt.

  • Volunteer Expectations

  • Volunteer Expectations

    Our volunteer serve as ambassadors for Venture Outdoors and a public face of the organization, in some cases providing the only “in-person” contact for participants. We entrust volunteers with the reputation and community’s perception of Venture Outdoors. Volunteers are a valuable part of the Venture Outdoors team, and we are committed to providing the support and resources necessary to enable every volunteer to successfully advance our mission to “Inspire. Educate. Equip.” We ask the volunteers commit to the following behaviors and acknowledge, by signing below, that failure to do so could result in prohibition from leadership of or participation in Venture Outdoors activities:
    • - Uphold the values and further the mission of Venture Outdoors
    • - Promote, through words and actions, the physical and emotional safety and wellbeing of all participants as well as the general public during Venture Outdoors activities
    • - Actively encourage and facilitate an equitable and inclusive experience for all participants and anyone else who might see or encounter a Venture Outdoors activity
    • - Intervene and verbally deescalate any behavior by a participant, volunteer or anyone else that creates a hostile or unwelcome experience involving a Venture Outdoors participant
    • - Deescalate words or behaviors during a Venture Outdoors activity that could be reasonably construed as discriminatory or offensive
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