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2,022 Miles In 2022 Challenge

Last year’s 2,021 in 2021 challenge was a blast! Almost 200 joined to track their miles and challenge themselves. This year, we’re bumping the challenge up one more mile! Shoot for 2,022 this year, or set your own goals. Can you go just a little bit further this year? Can you spend a little more time in the Sun?

We challenge you to walk, run, bike, hike, skate, kayak, swim, and play outdoors 2,022 miles this year. 

How does this challenge work? 
  1. Get Outside: All you have to do is move outdoors!  Walk, hike, bike, kayak, ski, snowshoe, swim…whatever you like!
  2. Track: Keep track of all of your miles however you like; fitness tracker, paper, Excel spreadsheet. 
  3. Submit: Submit your miles ventured once a month and keep on moving! (using email provided at checkout)

We encourage you to use this challenge to meet your goal of trying new outdoor experiences, to set a new health and wellness goal, or to simply enjoy the outdoors. 

You’ll get:
  • 2022 Medal
  • Free Gear
  • Invitation to an end of year Chill Fest 
  • Prizes for those who attend Chill Fest
  • Good feelings knowing you’re supporting an organization that gets youth and seniors outdoors

Track Miles Now – Dec 31, 2022

Sign Up By March 31, 2022



I’m in! But how do I track my miles? 

You can track your miles however you like.  Have a fitness watch/app?  Great!  Not a fan of technology?  Just keep a running tally on a piece of paper at home.   

Will you audit the miles to ‘prove’ I made it 2,022 miles? 

NOPE!  This is all about fun on the honor system!   

Do I have to know the exact miles? 

No, you may use your best guess. In general, google maps and trail markers can help you. 

Does walking the dog count? 

Yes! Write it down. 

Does driving count? 

Nope. Let’s power ourselves with our own abilities. E-bike rides and accessibility friendly adventures absolutely count! 

Does swimming count? 

As long as it occurs outside, swimming counts. Your morning mile swim at the gym does NOT count. 

Do ALL water adventures count? 

As long as it occurs outside, for sure it counts! If you can track it, you can count it. Try kayaking with us at Kayak Pittsburgh or swimming at Moraine State Park (weather appropriate). 

Do I have to do all of my miles by myself or do Venture Outdoors trips count? 

Venture Outdoors trips definitely count toward your total! Just be sure to keep count and add them to your monthly mileage report. 

How do I report my monthly miles to VO? 

When you register for the challenge, you’ll provide us an email address.  At the end of every month we’ll send you a short form to add your miles. 

Is there a kid-friendly challenge? 

YEP! Children are encouraged to venture at least 15 miles in 2021!  

What if I want to participate, but don’t have/like email? 

No problem!  Give us a call and we’ll help you log your mileage! 

Have additional questions?  Reach out to

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