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Come One, Come All, Venture Outdoors Trip Leaders!

By: Nancy Latimer, Volunteer Trip Leader, Trip Leader Council
It’s that time of year again, the time for 2015 retrospectives and 2016 resolutions. Venture Outdoors is no different. The Annual Leadership Meeting is out with the old and in with the new, and we want YOU! All trip leaders are invited to join us as we review 2015 and resolve for 2016. Here’s what you can expect at the Annual Leadership Meeting, and why we need you!10959440_10153088965878134_6790329968318880374_n
Just like any good Venture Outdoors event, this meeting is not all business. We’ll start with some quality time reconnecting with each other and meeting new trip leaders. Appetizers make the mingling all the more delicious. It’s a great time to visit and meet like-minded outdoorsy people! I always look forward to seeing my trip leader friends, especially when we’re not ‘on duty.’ There’s a promise of some Venture Outdoors swag and the traditional raffle prizes. Lots of chances for take-aways, so fingers crossed!
It wouldn’t be a meeting without some business, and the Venture Outdoors Annual Leadership Meeting has some too. As a leader with Venture Outdoors, this is your chance to hear how we’ve done for the last 15 YEARS, specifically how things went last year, where we’re going for next year, and how you can help.
It’s so interesting to hear the numbers, from the participants, to the outings, to the members, and more. I’m always proud to think about my contribution in getting people outdoors.
After the r10991133_10153088969103134_3726968861029040745_netrospective, we’ll get an update on where Venture Outdoors is going in 2016 and how you can help. We know Venture Outdoors is awesome, but there’s always room for improvement. We’ve got goals! This is also the chance to get all leaders on the same page with respect to the organization’s goals. What’s the ‘corporate speak’ we should all be using on our trips? Get the scoop at the meeting. Finally there’s a chance for your input. Of course, the staff and the Trip Leader Council are always open to suggestions, but this venue gives everyone a chance to hear your ideas and build on them. Be heard!
The meeting culminates in dinner, awards, and the raffle. Dinner is always delicious with more time to visit with friends and ‘coworkers’ and to meet some new leaders. Trips are more fun when you know your leadership team and you can do a better job. Awards are always silly and entertaining. You could be an award winner! Ironically it doesn’t take a lot of skill, sometimes none at all, but it’s fun to be in the mix. And of course, if you’re really lucky, you could win a raffle prize. You gotta be in it to win it, though, so come to the meeting!
So to recap:
Who should go? Trip Leaders, YOU!
Who will you see? Friends, Trip Leaders, Trip Leader Council, Venture Outdoors Staff
What can you expect? Food, socializing, the year in review, goals for 2016, free stuff, raffle prizes, awards
When is the meeting? Sunday, January 31st from 4 PM to 7 PM
Where is the meeting? Sarah Heinz House, 1 Heinz St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Why? Because you matter to Venture Outdoors and Venture Outdoors isn’t Venture Outdoors without you.
See you there,
Nancy Latimer, Volunteer Trip Leader, Trip Leader Council

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