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My Favorite Venture Outdoors Outings

By: Grace Eggleston, Communications Intern
As an intern at Venture Outdoors I am able to participate in a lot of awesome outings. Over the past eight months I have tried just about everything from long distance hikes and wakeup paddles to geocaching and nature photography walks. (The cool thing, though, is that after all this time there are still programs I have yet to try!)
I count myself lucky that I get to go on these outings and take pictures of all the awesome people I meet and the exciting things we see along the way. After being on almost 30 outings, there are definitely a few that stick out in my mind. Here are my top five favorites!
1. Wednesday Wakeup Paddle
When: September 28, 2016
Where: Kayak Pittsburgh North Shore
Why I liked it: Wednesday Wakeup Paddles are awesome because you get to start the day by getting out on the water, not to mention the view! These paddles are relaxing and allow a refreshing perspective of the city. The best part is… you can keep coming back for more every Wednesday, May-October!

2. Women in Nature Hike
When: January 22, 2017
Where: North Park
Why I liked it: This was the very first Women in Nature (WIN) Hike that Venture Outdoors put together, and I was so glad to be a part of it. Our hike took us through North Park and onto a small stretch of the Rachel Carson Trail, which I had never been on before. My favorite part of this hike was the awesome ladies that made it happen (and the post-hike snacks)!

3. Urban Safari Hike: North Side
When: November 6, 2016
Where: North Side
Why I liked it: I liked this hike because, even though I know North Side well, it looked different with Venture Outdoors! We covered a lot of ground and got to see many of the things that make the North Side unique. My favorite part about this hike was the pit stops: we dropped by Randyland and even visited the vultures at the National Aviary!

4. Destination Kayaking: Beaver River
When: September 24, 2016
Where: Beaver River
Why I liked it: This trip was awesome because I got to escape the city for a day. We explored Beaver River by kayak, floating under bridges and across small rapids. We also spotted wildlife along the way. My favorite part about this trip was paddling under the tree branches that reached out over the water!

5. Youth Outreach Programs
When: Every Weekday!
Where: All around Pittsburgh!
Why I liked it: Although Youth Outreach Programs are not open to the public, they are one of my absolute favorites to help with. The kids in these after-school programs have SO MUCH energy to share (pictured below), and they are ready for the challenges Venture Outdoors brings them every week from trash pickup to compass reading. My favorite part is watching the kids have new experiences in the outdoors!

Come join us on outings and build YOUR top 5 favorites!!

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