Written By: Kelly McQueston, Intern

Want to plan your own kayak adventure? You can today, with your very own Venture Outdoors watercraft. Venture Outdoors is selling off a variety of used watercrafts that were used as part of the Kayak Pittsburgh rental fleet. Everything from single kayaks to our ten and twelve-foot paddle boards is up for sale. The watercrafts are all in either good or fair condition, with only small repairs or minor parts missing. They are all ready for a life retired from Kayak Pittsburgh with their new owners :).

We have five Emotion Advant-Edge single kayaks available, all going for $150. This kayak is best suited to exploring calm waterways with its own blend of speed and stability. The foot braces and the seat are all adjustable, and the large cockpit opening makes it very easy to get into this kayak. The minor damages on all five of them include a cracked handle, a crack in the cockpit run, scratches in the hull, and some plastic welding has already been done on the bow and stern of one of them to repair some small holes and spots.

If you are looking for a slightly more advanced kayak, we have two Emotion Edge single kayaks up for $175. These kayaks are more advanced, but still suitable for beginners. They have exceptional secondary stability and tracking. It is meant to be transported by only one kayaker: it is short and lightweight.

If you want to kayak with a buddy, we have two Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135 tandem kayaks both up for $250. These kayaks are perfect for two people, yet they can also be adjusted to a solo kayak by a slide-rail system and by foot pegs adjusting to provide maneuverability in solo position. These kayaks are perfect for longer trips, with comfortable seats and easy access to storage. We also have a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135 tandem kayak shell (same boat, without the seats) up for sale for $125. This one is missing the seats and the hatch-cover.

We have five Glide SUP 10 foot rental boards for $500 each. These are all in good condition, coming with a leash and a fin. They are extremely durable and are able to stand up to heavy use. This paddleboard is perfect for both beginners, with extremely good stability and experts, because it paddles well.


For someone who is more of a beginner at paddleboarding, there is also a Glide SUP 12 foot rental board available for $600. This one is also in great condition, but it has a minor rip in the foam. This one is the same as the previous board I listed, but the length allows it to have extra stability.

Finally, we have a Future Beach Water Bee pedal boat. It is in good condition except for the fact that it needs one new seat back. This is perfect for a family-friendly event, with four seats and pedals for all four seats.


If you wish to get one of these watercrafts, fill out the interest form!!


When purchasing a watercraft, keep in mind that the kayak paddles, SUP paddles, and kayak light mounts may be available for purchase when you purchase the watercraft. Payment will only be accepted through PayPal, and all sales are final. Arrangements for sales will be made within a week of the form being completed.


Direct link to the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewdUkr5XQLx8k1gxC42Fskcv7u0IN993gpbRKC3VaZ7CrjCg/viewform


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