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The Outdoor Inclusion Coalition (OIC), hosted by Venture Outdoors, is a collection of organizations that are taking action to catalyze change in Pittsburgh’s outdoor industry. The organizations involved recognize the innate responsibility that we have to serve the community while developing the industry to be representative of those systematically left out. Through collaboration, we will make Pittsburgh an inclusive, recreational community.

Vision: To enhance the outdoor experience for all and inspire outdoor activism.

Mission: Collaborative of organizations that focus on the continual commitment to bring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to outdoor spaces for both the current and future generation in order to:

  • Develop diversified organizational representation
  • Share successful practices with forward thinking outdoor members
  • Develop effective educational tools
  • Catalyze change in how communities are seen


  • Collaboration: Working collectively as organizations and community members to accomplish more than what is possible individually
  • Ownership: Individual and group responsibility for results, actions, and decisions
  • Quality: Commitment to quality outcomes and the discipline to continually improve
  • Purposefulness: Deliberate action, focused on the organization’s goals and priorities

At this time, members of the OIC are formulating the business plan to guide these efforts in the coming years.  We intend to release a confidential survey in Fall 2020 to organizations and community members with the intent of helping to guide such work.  We are also formulating a new mentorship/employment program to engage members of the community who have yet to be able to engage in the outdoor industry due to systemic racism and gaps in social justice.

Advisory Committee

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Grow Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

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