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Paddling Off Into the Sunset: One Couple’s Anniversary Celebration

By: Cheyenne Knight, Kayak Pittsburgh Marketing Intern
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When it was Vince Azzolina’s turn to plan an anniversary outing with his wife Marlise for their 12th anniversary, he turned toward the great outdoors.
The couple has lived around Pittsburgh for two years and never embarked on a Venture Outdoors outing before, so Vince thought that a sunset paddle would be “a great way to experience the city from a much different perspective.” When we caught word of their anniversary plans, we knew we had to share their story.
The couple is not new to outdoor excursions—Vince explained to us that one of their favorite adventures was during a vacation in Colorado. “We went whitewater rafting around Canon City, south of Colorado Springs, and just had a terrific time and some memorable thrills on the water.”
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Time spent outside is important to Vince and Marlise, especially in the busy world today. “The world, especially the United States, is a beautiful place that far too many people sometimes take for granted,” says Vince. “We’re inside all of the time…whether it’s for work or whatever…so getting outside and experiencing outdoor fun is a great way to enjoy wherever you are and disconnect for a while, which is a good thing these days.”
Vince and Marlise, who met in high school and started dating after six years of friendship, are best friends. After 12 years of marriage and two children, Vince tells us that “the years have been great!” and that each year gets better.
If there is one thing that Vince has to share for couples and families who want to get outside more, it is this: “Just do it… people are always ‘too busy’ with this or that. Just make time and enjoy it.”
Thank you Vince and Marlise for sharing your story with us and for joining us on our Sunset Over Pittsburgh Paddle!
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