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Advant-Edge Emotion: Solo Kayak (Used)


Out of stock



Discounted used kayak

Get your very own Kayak Pittsburgh kayak. Every few years we must retire some kayaks to make way for our new fleet. Get yours for a discount price!

About this kayak

The Emotion Advant-Edge Solo Kayak  boasts an advanced hybrid hull which provides and exceptional blend of speed, stability, and performance. This boat is well suited for recreational lake and large slow moving river use. The large cockpit enables easy entry and exit. It also incorporates a big, comfortable seat with plenty of back support. The stern hatch provides additional storage and floatation for the boat.

Your purchase of a kayak includes one free PFD and one paddle – a $100 value, yours free with purchase.

Pick up

We have 2 Emotion Advant-Edge kayaks available in blue. They are sold as is and available for local pick up only (North Park Boathouse). Purchase can be made on-site during regular business hours. Contact for questions.

Available for personal use only. Cannot be sold for corporate or retail purposes. 

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