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Elizabeth Mulenga
Youth Program Coordinator

Get to know Elizabeth Mulenga

1. Briefly tell us about your background: where did you grow up, where did you go to school, and what brought you to Venture Outdoors?

I moved to the United States with my family when I was 5 or 6. I grew up in the South Hills, Pleasant/Jefferson Hills primarily. I went to school at the University of Denver and studied Chemistry and Political Science with a pre-medicine focus, but realized I was not interested in the medical field. Was an educator, primarily pre-Kindergarten and preschool. Then transitioned into the non-profit sector. I was drawn to Venture Outdoors because although it wasn’t made accessible to me by my family when I was young, I always felt deeply aligned with nature and the outdoors! There’s an endless amount of fun and exploration and imagination outdoors!

2. Describe your role at Venture Outdoors in 10 words or less.

Outdoor Educator liaison, youth activity planning and coordination

3. If you had to pick only one recreational activity to practice for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Hiking… but possibly rock climbing (belay), it makes me feel powerful. If not outdoor recreation, possibly sudoku, I can get lost in a puzzle book for hours!

4. What are your top five favorite outdoors/travel destinations?

-Victoria Falls
-Egypt (again, I was too young when I went)
-Jeju Island

5. What is your favorite forest/camping snack?


6. Name three people in history (dead or alive) with whom you would want to take on a Venture Outdoors program of your choice.

Fred Hampton

My son, Emil

My best friend, this person does not yet exist, but I’ve been trying to form that connection/bond my whole life and I have hope it will happen!

7. What is the earliest memory you have of being outside?

Making and eating mud pies, I still think about the taste of red clay dirt

8. Any hidden talents?

Is being bi-lingual a talent? If not, farm animal sounds; specifically, the difference in sound between sheep and goats

9. What is your favorite song (or album) right now?

I keep putting on Perfume Genius and Aldous Harding station, but I don’t know song names I mostly listen to artists in general not specific albums or anything

10. What is your biggest challenge nowadays?

Balancing parenthood, self-care, work, hobbies, social life, healthy relationships, etc.

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