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Why You Should Take a Vacation in Nature and Go Camping:

By: Grace Groeger

Spending time in nature can do numerous things for you. It can restore your mental energy and health, it can help relieve your stress, it can improve your concentration, and it can boost your immune system. Today the drive to go outdoors is becoming “cool” again. Along with that, more and more people are choosing to go on vacations to spend time in nature. If you don’t totally agree with this let me help persuade you.

1. They are affordable…

Taking a vacation in nature is a wallet’s best friend. Just think about it. Instead of going to a lavish hotel for a week where you can easily spend hundreds of dollars you are going to spend anywhere from $0 to $175 for a campsite all week. Along with that when you go camping you end up cooking a lot of your own meals eliminating the need to go out every night to restaurants.

Camping Vacation Blog Photo 1 2. You get to escape the urban life…

Growing up in a city causes you to believe that camping is a foreign world. Being surrounded by concrete jungles all day and all night you begin to forget all the natural beauty of the world. Today everyone is glued to technology 24/7, people walk into a restaurant and before the server even gets a chance to say their name you are asking for a wifi password. When you go camping you can escape the grasp technology has on you. You can forget to check your phone because you don’t even have service. You get to finally unplug from the urban world.

3. They are educational…

Taking a trip in nature gives you the opportunity to visit National Parks. It gives you the chance to teach your family or yourself about nature, science, conservation, and history while you’re still having fun at the same time. Today a lot of parks offer tours that are guided with professionals who can teach you and your family all about the park. Sometimes you are even able to take classes while you’re there, from education hikes, or the history of the park, or even something like how to go fishing.

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4. It keeps you fit…

We all want vacations to be relaxing but there is just something about getting outside and hitting the trails that makes you feel so much more rewarded. You feel so much more energized when you go on a hike to see all the wonders of your vacation versus hopping on a subway in the city. It has been proven over and over that getting outdoors has a wide range of health benefits from restoring your mental health to keeping you in shape. Camping does not just keep you fit physically but mentally as well. Numerous studies have shown that getting out and looking at trees can do so much for your brain, from helping you focus better to renewing mental energy.

5. They are fun…

Lastly, taking a vacation in nature and going camping is just downright fun. You get to surround yourself with people that you love and can be as remote as you want. You get to enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing and many more activities. As well, you have less hustle and bustle and get to enjoy long evenings, lazy hours at the beach, sleeping until whenever, and time for that pile of books and magazines.
So think twice before you book that trip to extravagant New York City and look into hitting up a campsite instead. Your wallet won’t be the only one thanking you.
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