Animal Camouflage

Animal Camouflage

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These activities should be completed in the presence of a parent or guardian.

When walking through your neighborhood, you pass by many animals without even seeing them. Some are hiding, but some are in plain sight. The critters in plain sight are using camouflage to hide their locations. Learn about how animals use different types of camouflage and motion to protect themselves.

Discussion: Discuss different types of camouflage that animals may use. Search the internet to find more examples. Some informational videos are linked below.

Handout: This handout is geared to help an adult leading this lesson. Click on the light bulb for additional resources.


  • Description: Put your camouflage skills to the test in the game of Camouflage! Like hide and seek, one person yells camouflage and counts to 10 while everyone else finds a hiding spot. If you are caught, you are out!
  • Modifications
    • Play this in your house, backyard, or at a local park.
  • Materials


  • To extend the discussion, have youth find their own examples of each on the internet.
  • For younger ones, set boundaries so they don’t go too far.

Additional Resources: