First Aid

First Aid

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These activities should be completed in the presence of a parent or guardian.

Odds are, we are all going to witness an emergency in your life. It is important to feel comfortable with first aid, so when a situation does arise, you know how to react calmly. Who should you care for first?  Let’s learn why it is important to remain calm when an emergency does arise.

Discussion: OH SNAP is a 5-step process to keep in mind when reacting to an emergency. It helps you “size up the scene” to better understand what happened.

  1. I’m number one
  2. What happened to you?
  3. Don’t get any on me!
  4. Are there any more?
  5. What’s the vibe?

Handout:  This handout is geared to help an adult leading this lesson. Click on the light bulb for additional resources.

Activity: OH SNAP Scenarios

  • Description: Put your OH SNAP skills to the test! Act out an emergency situation and demonstrate how you will use OH SNAP to respond.
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  • Remind your youth to take this seriously.

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