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Youth Outdoor Leadership Series

A set of activities for teens ages 12-14 and their parents

These activities should be completed in the presence of a parent or guardian.

This series is great for youth who want to build their outdoor leadership skills! The Youth Outdoor Leadership Series is comprised of 8 different activities¬†designed for¬†youth ages 12-14. In this series, you will get a sneak peak at the Venture Outdoors’ Youth Leadership Manual. Complete all components in the leadership series and earn a certificate and a special prize.

In this series, each component contains:

  • Intro Questions
  • 5-15 minute activity
  • Discussion Questions
  • A short film of leaders in the outdoors

Want to get away from the screen?

Print the activity packet instead!

Activity #1

Intro to Venture Outdoors Leadership

Activity #2

What is Leadership?

Activity #3

You as a Leader

Activity #4

Learn Your Personality Color

Activity #5

Learning Styles

Activity #6

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Activity #7

Emotional Control

Activity #8

Rose - Bud - Thorn

Did you complete all 8 activities?

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