Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Youth Outdoor Leadership Series

These activities should be completed in the presence of a parent or guardian.

Odds are you learned how to tie your shoe by practicing,  learned the alphabet by repeating it, and figured out the height of a rectangle by drawing it. These are three examples of how we learn things differently. Teaching someone who may have different abilities and strengths requires us as leaders to understand how people learn best.

Intro Questions: Why might some people perform well in math and science, but others in reading and arts? How do you learn best?

Activity: Take this learning styles quiz to determine how you learn best. Does your result make sense?

Discussion:  Most people have two learning styles that are close in number. Why is that? Why is it important for a leader to understand how other people learn?

Video: Watch this 12 minute video about a blind trail runner. Think about these questions:

  • When explaining something, why is it important to support all learning styles?
  • Which learning style would she most likely benefit from? Visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?