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Celebrating Sherry’s 12 Years at Venture Outdoors

Sherry has been with the Venture Outdoors team for 12 years. We are incredibly grateful for all that she does, and decided to ask her some questions about her time here!


What led you to Venture Outdoors?

In the late part of 2007, I was in-between jobs and emotionally struggling to overcome the loss of a very young family member, and a gentleman that I had the pleasure of volunteering with at a local Human Services Department came across an advertisement for an administrative position at Venture Outdoors in which he said would be perfect for me at the time.  So, I checked it all out and have been here ever since!


What do you do for Venture Outdoors?

I am the Operations Coordinator (or the glue) for Venture Outdoors, and my duties mainly include handling financials and payroll for the organization.  I also dabble in managing things around the office.


What’s your favorite memory from working here for the past 12 years?  

My favorite memory was when I first learned to kayak.  It was at North Park Lake.  I was totally enjoying my new freedom on the water when I looked around and saw none of the other staff on the water with me.  As I was heading back to shore, a beautiful but horrifying torrential squaw was heading directly for me.  When the downpour reached my kayak and covered me within seconds, I never felt so liberated in my life.  It was then I noticed the staff at the shoreline frantically waving their arms at me – a gesture that I totally ignored because I was encaptured by my new-found love of kayaking.  I then heard the multiple screams of, “Turn Around!”.  When I did, there were lightning bolts touching down on the water and heading my way. I believe it was the fastest I’ve ever rowed, and a memory I will never forget!


What’s happened over the last 12 years here? How has it changed?  

Wow!  So many things to tell with no time to tell it, but I have seen many, many faces come and go and even some that came back!  The one thing I can say though, that no matter what the changes were, are, and will be, Venture Outdoors has and probably will always remain unique.


How do you see Venture Outdoors 10 years from now?

I see it thriving and growing!  I see it working its way through the communal hinderances of outdoor recreation and turning into something bigger and more spectacular. (fingers crossed!)


What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Well, it used to be basketball when I was a “little” younger , but I will honestly say it’s KAYAKING!


What’s your favorite park in Pittsburgh?

My favorite park would be Schenley.  It was my favorite stomping ground while attending the University of Pittsburgh.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Cooking, cleaning, reading, watching action movies – but mostly sleeping!

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