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Kayak Pittsburgh is coming to Sharpsburg’s James Sharp Landing

Hey Sharpsburg, yinz ready to kayak?

The newest Kayak Pittsburgh location is opening this May at the James Sharp Landing along the Allegheny River.

Yinz can expect four compact shipping containers parked along the landing. Kayak Pittsburgh will host not only kayak rentals, but guided kayaking programs, and fishing. Keep an eye out for Sunrise Paddles, Twilight Paddles, Mature Monday Paddles, Trianglers Fishing, Beginner Paddles and more!

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the Sharpsburg community to offer kayak and fishing equipment rentals, outdoor programming and more through a pilot facility”, said Venture Outdoors President & CEO Valerie Beichner.


Beichner adds, “This pilot allows us to engage more fully with communities along the Allegheny River, providing job opportunities to residents and programming opportunities for children, seniors and everyone in between. This opportunity is yet another resource for us to continue meeting our mission of removing barriers and connecting people to outdoor experiences.”

“We are excited to bring this wonderful regional asset to our riverfront park so that more people can experience kayaking, the beauty of the Allegheny river and the community of Sharpsburg,” said Sharpsburg Mayor, Brittany Reno.

Best of all, Sharpsburg residents will receive a 15% discount on all rentals.


Will you support access to kayaking?

With your support we can bring kayaking to more communities in the Pittsburgh region, allowing you and many others to explore our waterways. Please make a generous donation today. Thank you!

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