Amateur Running Tips from an Amateur Runner

By: Kendall Oakley I never liked running. Growing up, my elementary school P.E. program required annual physical fitness benchmark testing. Part of this series was running one mile for time. Let me tell you, young Kendall struggled HARD. It’s not easy to teach elementary school kids how to properly pace themselves, and I vividly recall...
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Firefly Adjustments

By: Meredith Harman I'm new to the Pittsburgh area and came here from the sunny coast of California. So, I'm personally experiencing a few of the differences between the East and West coasts of our country. Foremost among them is the amount of humidity and rainfall. Is there ever not some kind of moisture in...
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What I learned from Falling out of a Kayak

By: Bryan Moore A lot of people involved in recreation grew up outside, but for some of us interest in outdoor recreation bloomed later in life. As a result, many experiences with Venture Outdoors have been “firsts” for people like me. Kayak training on June 4 was my second time ever paddling (with my first...
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If You Aren’t Talking Hawaii I Don’t Wanna Talk

By: Matthew Morris Growing up, nature and the outdoors were two of the most important building blocks of my youth. Whether it was fishing, hiking, or looking for bugs and snakes, I always leapt at an opportunity to explore and experience nature. Growing up in Northeastern Pennsylvania provided me with a vast wilderness to explore....
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Meet the Interns: Summer 2018

It’s summertime, which can only mean one thing… New! Summer! Interns!! Interning with Venture Outdoors means more than just grabbing coffee and filing papers. These students do everything from managing social media pages to assisting with coordinating programs. Interns get a unique, hands-on experience in communications, photography, and programming. Be sure to look for these...
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