Celebrating Sherry’s 12 Years at Venture Outdoors

Celebrating Sherry's 12 Years at Venture Outdoors Sherry has been with the Venture Outdoors team for 12 years. We are incredibly grateful for all that she does, and decided to ask her some questions about her time here! What led you to Venture Outdoors? In the late part of 2007, I was in-between jobs and...
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Change A Life Get Outdoors

Change A Life. Get Outdoors. You don’t need superpowers, endless amounts of free time, or an advanced degree to change lives. Simply do the thing you already love, get outdoors! Every time you hike with us, bike with us, rent a kayak with us – you’re supporting programs that help get others outside too. When...
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How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for fun, food, and family. But in the midst of all the chaos, it’s easy to neglect our health — both physical and mental. We all have a ton going on, but without taking the necessary steps to stay healthy, we won’t be at…

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10 PA State Parks to Check Out

10 Pennsylvania State Parks to Check Out By Alyssa Stacy | Fall Intern ’19   PA state parks contain hidden gems and exciting things to do. Spend an afternoon, a day, or a weekend at the park with family and friends and reconnect with nature! Whether that be through camping, hiking, bike riding, or white...
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Capture the Spirit of the Season and the Outdoors with these Halloween Flicks

Capture the Spirit of the Season and the Outdoors with these Halloween Flicks By Kathi Radock, Membership Manager Halloween is right around the corner and even if you’re not a huge fan of horror movies, the season puts people in the “spooky” movie spirit. Horror films can be split into countless sub-genres – slasher, zombie, teen scream – the list...
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