How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

By: Alyssa Miele The holidays are a time for fun, food, and family. But in the midst of all the chaos, it’s easy to neglect our health -- both physical and mental. We all have a ton going on, but without taking the necessary steps to stay healthy, we won’t be at our best to...
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Environmental Film Making in Washington D.C.

By: Grace Eggleston, Previous Photography Intern I figured out a long time ago that there are two things I really enjoy: being outside and playing around with cameras. After graduating from Pitt this past year, I thought about what kind of career path I wanted to go down and decided I wanted to try out...
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A Sunrise Hike: Told By Someone Who Hates Mornings

By: Kaitlyn Gallagher Mornings are not my time. Every morning, I set at least five alarms and snooze them all. I am a miserable person in the mornings; I am grumpy and will say some things I don’t actually mean if someone crosses me the wrong way. I have definitely slept in past 2pm, and...
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Appreciate the Little Things

By: Alyssa Miele If we’re being honest, life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Especially in the late months of the year when the sun sleeps earlier and longer; the leaves find their new home on dewy forest floors and charcoal asphalt; and the last remnants of summer temperatures wisp away replaced by frigid, winter...
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What The Venture Outdoors Staff is Thankful For – 2018

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re continuing with our #30DaysOfGratitude by sharing what the Venture Outdoors staff is grateful for today. Joey-Linn Ulrich, Executive Director "I am thankful for my oldest daughter’s next adventure as a college freshman at The Ohio State University. And speaking of college…..I am also thankful for all of the interns...
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