Our Mission
We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting everyone to the benefits of outdoor recreation throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. We provide a variety of activities that inspire an active lifestyle, promote the region’s unique amenities, highlight its excellent quality of life, and foster a greater appreciation for the environment.


  • Why College Students Should Get Outdoors

    September 27, 2016

    by Meg Taylor, Youth Programs Intern; photos by Sami Caun, Photography Intern


    29283304106_7be4df4389_oAs a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I live in what I would call “a concrete jungle”. I take the public bus wherever I need to go, live in an apartment where silence is never an option, and am constantly in city mode. With that said, I love Pittsburgh and everything it has to offer – which includes all the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors even within an urban environment.

    I am currently holding down classes,

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  • Mount Washington Neighborhood Hike

    September 20, 2016

    by Amber Iuni, Communications Intern

    This past week I decided to push myself and do something that I have never image12done before, hiking. I love outdoor adventures but I’m used to just running, walking and biking. I have never been on or done a hike before so for me this was completely different. However, I found myself really enjoying it, especially since I went on a neighborhood hike through and around Mount Washington.

    At first, I was nervous to undertake this new endeavor. The thought of hiking was unclear to me. I knew hiking involved climbing and walking many trails but this hike was different.

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  • Caving, Spelunking, Claustrophobia, Oh My

    September 13, 2016

    by Nancy Latimer, Volunteer Trip Leader and Trip Leader Council Member

    Some call it spelunking, some call it cave exploration, I call it a claustrophobic nightmare.  My adventure friend, Nancy O, has been talking about doing the Venture Outdoors Cave Exploration activity for years. As the planner for our outdoor activities, I’ve successfully put her off for years. I can survive an MRI, but was afraid caves and crawling were beyond my deep breathing capabilities, especially for hours on end.  Well I finally decided to face my fears and signed us up, and I’M GLAD I DID!  

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  • Life as a Stoker

    September 6, 2016

    by: Cheyenne Knight


    A few months after moving back to Pittsburgh in 2014, Catherine Getchell stumbled upon Venture Outdoors and decided to give their programs a try. Catherine, the Pittsburgh District Administrator for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, is a cycling enthusiast who also happens to be completely blind. What once began as casual riding with her father as a child became a passion after renting a tandem in Maine during a 2010 vacation with her husband. After that trip, her mother-in-law bought the two of them a custom-made Cannondale,

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  • Family Fun Month!

    August 30, 2016

    August was Family Fun Month!

    To celebrate we hosted a social media contest! We wanted to know what their favorite family outdoor activities are? Is it hiking? Is it kayaking? Is it hanging out at the local park?  Our followers captured those most loved moments and told us what being an outdoor family means to them!

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Kayak Pittsburgh


Our North Shore location is open 7 days a week, North Park is open Thu – Sun.
Aspinwall Riverfront Park is closed for the season.

Please click here for general information and times for all three locations.

Featured Outing

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Kids Bird ID Hike
Sunday, September 25
1 – 3 PM

Bring the kids on this family-friendly bird identification hike, led by one of our bird enthusiast volunteers! We’ll take an easy 2-3 mile hike throughout the winding trails of Schenley Park, while searching the trees and skies for a variety of common Southwestern PA birds.

Sign up here!