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Outdoor Learning Lab

Apply to be a community partner

We believe youth are at their best when you get time to learn outdoors

The Outdoor Learning Lab, which launched in 2014, engages children in year-long outdoor experiences, such as biking, kayaking, fishing, hiking, geocaching, outdoor leadership skills, and more. We work with over 250 youth across 15+ partner sites throughout Pittsburgh to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle and appreciation of nature. The program is no or low cost for participating youth.

We provide:

 Trained Outdoor Educators

Long Term PartnershipS

This program is specifically designed to engage children in regular, repeated interactions with the outdoors throughout the school year. We meet weekly or bi-weekly with the same group of youth all year long to help develop skills over time, build relationships, and instill a deeper connection to nature.

Our partner retention rate is 80% because we believe it is important to continue the program multiple years in a row within the same school and community to create long-lasting change.

Removing barriers

82% Economically disadvantaged

82% of our Outdoor Learning Lab students are considered economically disadvantaged by Pittsburgh Public Schools

42% experience learning disabilities

42% of our students are on IEP (Individual Education Plans) to help them learn in a way that works for them.

Apply to be a Partner

Apply to be a partner with Venture Outdoors for the Outdoor Learning Lab.

This application will take about 15-30 minutes. Please have the following information ready before you proceed. You will not be able to save your answers and return to finish the application later.

  • Contact Information
  • School/Site Information & General Geography
  • Student Population Information, including ethnic diversity stats
  • Desired Partnership Logistics (times, days, frequency)

Contact Kelly Sarkis at or 412.255.0564 x 227 with questions.

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