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10 Ways to Reduce Screentime & Increase Nature Time for Kids

Back to school season is upon us. With that, for many of our children (and ourselves) comes less time for unstructured free play outdoors, and increased screen time as many kids are back on their computers and tablets.

Here at Venture Outdoors we’re here to help reduce kids screen time (and your own) and keep you spending time outdoors. While it may seem daunting initially, here are some fun and relatively easy ways that you can reduce screen time and increase your time outdoors together.

  1. Eliminate screen time as a background. Is your TV always on?
  2. Make watching shows intentional. Plan what you are going to watch together and turn the tv off afterwards.
  3. Turn the screens off during meal time. This can be made into a fun game (think whoever looks at their phone or screen first has to wear a silly hat or clear the table). This also creates the opportunity to increase connections with your loved ones and find out about your kids’ day. Try making “Peak, Pit, Horizon” part of your nightly dinner conversation. 
  4. Set limits for and track screen time. You might be surprised when you find out how much time you and your loved ones are spending on a screen (and of course remember to lead by example).
  5. Track your time outside (see if you can spend 1,000 hours outside this year).
  6. Involve kids with age appropriate outdoor activities like raking up the leaves or shoveling snow. This is a great way to spend time together.
  7. Play in the leaves or snow.
  8. Take an evening walk together either before or after dinner.
  9. Go on a outside scavenger hunt (who can find the most different types of leaves).
  10. If your living space safely allows for it, have kids play outside while you make dinner. If it doesn’t, encourage them to draw what they see out the window, have them bird watch from inside, how many different species of birds can they find and identify.

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At Venture Outdoors we are committed to removing barriers and increasing accessibility to the outdoors for all. 

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