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2,021 in 2021 Challenge Leaderboard Jan – Sept

We have so many of you all meet and exceed the 2,021 challenge. Congrats!! Keep on going, you can do it.

Participants keep an eye out for invitations to the end of year celebration. We can’t wait to enjoy an awesome Chillfest with you and celebrate all of the miles you’ve spent outdoors this year.

If you have questions about your miles please contact

1Ed G.Murrysville5140.5
2Don R.Glenshaw3108
3Robert H.3059.5
4Linda S.Glenshaw2962.5
5Robert J.Wexford2829.63
6Gina D.Murrysville2477.57
7Wayne  G.2467.51
9Vicky C.Pittsburgh2375.5
10Gary M.2266
11David L.2264
12Kimberly D.Ellwood City2089.16
13John L.1958.5
14Katherine V.1942.75
15Julie M.Pittsburgh1911.37
16Mara  A.1854.56
17Stacie C.Pittsburgh1838.04
18Jim L.Pittsburgh1804
19Alexander M.Pittsburgh1750
20Judith Y.1720.27
21Peg M.Pittsburgh1720
22Jolene T.Zelienople1643
23Kelly S.Wilkinsburg1610.1
24Mary L.Pittsburgh1605
25Beth G.Butler1571.3
26Edward (EJ?) D.Pittsburgh1555
27Elizabeth (Libby) M.1517.09
28Thomas H.Pittsburgh1503.1
29Tobin S.Pittsburgh1495.51
30Helen S.Pittsburgh1481.18
31Jehnie B.Pittsburgh1453.8
32Jami N.1333.93
33Brian T.Zelienople1306
34Anthony H.Pittsburgh1242.28
35Roseanne S.Pittsburgh1233
36Chris F.LATROBE1229
37Rachel K.Pittsburgh1201
38Brian B.Pittsburgh1189
39Samuel B.PITTSBURGH1167
40Michael T.1152
41Kathleen T.ALLISON PARK1149
42Samone R.1130.5
43Niko J.PITTSBURGH1072.9
44Jen K.Pittsburgh1030.3
45Val C.1030
46adrianne C.992
47Amy M.Pittsburgh990
48Christina F.976.17
49Dionne B.947
50Peggy S.Wexford942.4
51Linda  W.941.64
52Bill Y.915
53Jennifer F.Pittsburgh912
54June B.Gibsonia896
55Rhian K.Oakmont886.5
56Joy P.Flagstaff881.3
57Mary O.Pittsburgh852
58Amy N.812
59elisa Y.oakmont795
60kathy C.758
61MaryEllen G.735.85
62Priscilla J.731
63Lori C.710
64lisa C.698
65Ted  F.688
66Michele O.Pittsburgh686
67MarySue C.Clairton627
68Erica F.622
69Carole H.Pittsburgh615.15
70Grace M.East Pittsburgh612
71Eric S.610
72Valerie B.602
73Dave O.584
74JAN F.Valencia526.44
75Susan T.North Huntingdon502.35
76Marah F.493
77Paul  S.475
78Doreen H.464.32
79Liv O.455
80Katelyn B.Pittsburgh432.3
81Lo Z.Pittsburgh427.7
82Lynn M.Pittsburgh425.3
83Jon M.419
84Cynthia S.Pittsburgh398.12
85Nathan O.395
86Beth B.Pittsburgh394
87Esther S.Pittsburgh393
88Libby M.392
89Lynn W.376.75
90Chris  B.368
91Patty L.Pittsburgh349
92Nancy E.Pittsburgh340
93Russ H.Butler324.4
94Kristin K.Wexford317
95Cindy P.Bridgeville307.11
96Susan O.Brownsville301
97Kie M.Pittsburgh280.5
98susan C.Pittsburgh273.7
99Erin F.273
100Kari C.272
101Diana W.PITTSBURGH269.37
102Sam  S.265
103Sarah Y.Elysburg260
104Patricia N.252.1
105Diana B.Bradfordwoods233.5
106George B.227.29
107Danielle C.224.3
108Scott H.221.5
109Marley T.213
110Ruthie T.195.5
111Julie A.191
112tom C.187
113Erin M.Pittsburgh177.1
114Belinda B.169
115Barbara K.149
116Alexis T.Pittsburgh149
117Kevin H.139.1
118Jeremy T.132.5
119Aubrie M.127
120Pat T.112.5
121Andrew B.111.46
122Rosie M.109
123Cait  G.103
124Lorey B.Pittsburgh98
125Sue C.95
126Michael H.92
127Mary Jo S.Pittsburgh84.17
128Nyalana M.84
129Katie U.Coraopolis84
130Rakemah M.82
131Will M.80.4
132Celeste S.80
133Lois B.Pittsburgh64.75
134Annie M.57
135Brenda M.51.8
136Mark M.45
137Mary  N.45
138Kathryn Z.Leechburg36
139Casey H.35
140Bryce M.34
141Jodie L.Munhall27
142Mike H.Pittsburgh25
143Carolyn S.Pittsburgh22
144Karla M.Allison park18
145Courtney C.Pittsburgh10
146Madeline F.8
147Teresa P.Pittsburgh5.5
148Christina B.3
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