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2023 Camper Wellbeing Paperwork Packet

Parents: please complete this form within 1-2 weeks of registering your child for a summer camp (and prior to the first day of camp). We may contact you for additional information. This form takes about 15 minutes to complete.

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Camper Information

Camper Name(Required)
Camper Address(Required)
Grade Entering in Fall 2023(Required)
Registered Camps
Camps for your child that you have already registered and paid for. Select all that apply.
Parent/Guardian Name(Required)

Emergency Contacts

Fill in emergency contact information - can be a parent/guardian, relative, family friend, etc. You CAN include the same parent that you previously listed above in the emergency contact list if applicable.
Emergency Contact #1 - Name(Required)
Emergency Contact #2 - Name(Required)
Emergency Contact #3 - Name(Required)
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