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A letter from a kayaker in Pittsburgh

A letter from a kayaker,


A few years ago, I discovered Venture Outdoors and signed up for my first kayaking trip.  Since then I’ve been hooked. These trips mean a lot to me because they provide a great way to escape from the many stressors of work and everyday life.  I’m an ICU nurse who works long hours and I always look forward to trips with Venture Outdoors. Fred, who also has a busy life working as a policeman in a hospital, just recently started going on trips with Venture Outdoors and is already looking forward to more trips.  His first time kayaking on the river was with Venture Outdoors.  David, our guide, helped Fred to feel more comfortable and confident kayaking on the river.  Both of us agree that the kayaking and hiking trips that Venture Outdoors organizes are well planned and are always in areas that are very scenic and safe.  Everyone whom I’ve met on these trips (both guides and venture seekers) are very nice and often share their knowledge regarding the area we are hiking or kayaking through.  Venture Outdoors definitely offers an opportunity to destress, learn how to maneuver in the outdoors, and to meet great people!  Also, we are both looking forward to becoming members!

Thank you so much!!
Denise & Fred 

What do we do that benefits others?  We create access to outdoor experiences.  Why is that important?  It provides stress relief, exercise, overall wellness, an escape.  A chance to pursue moments that bring happiness and joy.  All of this enhances the quality of one’s life.  

Every year, we hear countless stories like the one that Denise and Fred have shared here.  Stories about how we help others feel more alive and enjoy the wellness that only nature can provide.  Maybe you have a story that is like this one.  Maybe you are chasing moments like these.   


Removing barriers to the outdoors

We try to make sure that everyone enjoys the outdoors.  Whether that is through fishing, biking, hiking, kayaking, and much more, we work every day to remove any barriers that may be preventing others from enjoying outdoor experiences.  If you are passionate about this cause and want to learn more about the work that we do or how that you can get involved, visit   

We love to hear your stories.  If you would like to share your favorite Venture Outdoors story with us, please email   

Inspire. Educate. Equip.  We remove barriers and create access to outdoor experiences.  


Become a Venture Outdoors Member

Venture Outdoors Members support programs that help get others outdoors. Membership starts at 7/mo and goes a long way in removing barriers to the outdoors.

Inspire. Educate Equip.

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