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Join the 3 Month UnitedHealthcare Walking for Wellness Challenge

UNitedHealthcare Walking for Wellness Challenge

August – October

UnitedHealthcare is partnering with Venture Outdoors for the UnitedHealthcare Walking for Wellness Challenge. This challenge is a monthly tool to address social isolation and inactivity. Participants can take on each monthly challenge with a local “fitness pod”, or start their own to walk with neighbors.

Getting outdoors for 20 minutes every day improves your memory, creativity, and general feelings of wellness. Combine this with the health benefits of walking regularly and connecting with your neighbors – you’re sure to finish this challenge feeling rejuvenated.

Take the Challenge

  • Aug // 30 miles in 30 days. Can you walk a mile every day?
  • Sept // 60 miles in 60 days. Increase your walking to two miles everyday!
  • Oct // Walk + stretch 30 mins each day. Keep walking, and finish off with some deep stretches. You got this!

Get FREE Stuff

All participants will get a FREE water bottle, sunscreen, and cooling towel. Participants who finish the challenge will receive a medal! 🏅

Start A fitness Pod

Want help others get outdoors? Start a fitness pod in your neighborhood. Choose a time and location and folks can sign up to join you as you take on this challenge.

Join a Fitness Pod

At registration join a fitness pod to walk with friends. Meet new people. Stay active. Stay social. Not ready for new friends? Join as an individual for now. That’s okay too. =)

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