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Meet the Leaders at Pittsburgh King | Part 2

Middle school students at Pittsburgh King on the Northside are becoming the next generation of outdoor leaders. Last September, these students kicked off the year with team-building activities and practicing paddle talks. Since then, they have practiced their paddling skills on the river and in a pool, tracked down clues in geocaching, and participated in a bike rodeo. They closed out the first semester with a trip to ASCEND. Learn about their leadership journeys from the students themselves. 



Favorite Venture Outdoors Experience: My most memorable experience is kayaking down in the Pittsburgh River. That was my first time kayaking. Another memorable experience is when we touched pig lungs. We saw how they worked and compared with the human lungs. 

Memory with Venture Outdoors: If I werent for Ventures Outdoors, I would not have learned to do all the new things I learned this year. 

Things About Myself: 

  • I like go to different places I havent been before.  
  • My favorite outdoors activity is Kayaking, and having fun with my friends. 


Favorite Venture Outdoors Experience: My favorite thing is kayaking. 

Memory with Venture Outdoors: Venture Outdoors makes me feel a little less shy, and help me explore outdoors more and see what type of things I can find. 

Things About Myself: 

  • I like to go outside. 
  • I want to become a marine biologist and travel the world someday.
  • My favorite color is blue. 



Favorite Venture Outdoors experience: kayaking 

Things About Myself: I like to play outside with people. 

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