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Sara Khalil leads beginner mountain biking trips for women and nonbinary bikers

In late 2021 Sara Khalil came to us wanting to teach women, girls, and people with under represented genders how to mountain bike. We were thrilled to pull this together with her! As Sara started her Trip Leader Training, Alyssa Crawford got to work applying for a grant to get us mountain bikes. Sara passed with flying colors, and Alyssa secured us 6 Kona Mountain Bikes.

In 2022 Sara lead monthly beginner mountain biking trips from May – September. She taught everyone how to ride from folks who were just getting started on their recently purchased bike, to new folks just getting into biking all together.

Sara is coming back in 2023 to lead another mountain biking series. Through this we also found an interest for a regular women and nonbinary intermediate bike ride. We’ll see yinz this Spring for more.

We owe so much to our incredible Trip Leaders, especially those who comes to us with a vision that we can help implement. Sara, you rock!!


Meet Sara Khalil

My name is Sara and I’m into bikes! I like to ride gravel, tour with pals, and mountain bike around PA. I’m also really into my day job which is to provide bikes as a form of public transportation at POGOH. More recently, I’ve become a certified bike technician as well, so I’m trying to fix lots of bikes!

What trips do you lead with Venture Outdoors?

I lead the women and nonbinary intro to mountain bike classes on the last Thursday of each month. We go to a new mountain bike trail each time and practice a few basic skills before heading out to ride. Venture Outdoor’s provides bikes for folks who do not have one.

What brought you to Venture Outdoors to be a Trip Leader?

I wanted to see more women riding mountain bikes!

Share your favorite story about a trip you led.

One of the larger rides we did this year had an optional log over that only one woman attempted initially. She went for it the first time and totally fell (in mud!), but she popped back up and did it over again successfully, encouraging a few other riders to give it a shot too!

What’s your favorite park?

I really enjoy mountain biking in Allegheny National Forest, Alameda in Butler, Roaring Run in Apollo, and the Incline trails in Johnstown.

What’s your favorite outdoor snack?

I am freakishly addicted to Luna lemon & blueberry protein bars and any flavor ice cold sparkling water. We end every intro to mountain bike meetup with them. 😊

A mixed snack baggie of pistachios and M&Ms always gets me through long rides.

One final fun fact about yourself: GO!

I make a very pretty pizza 🍕 😋



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