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Watch as The Outdoor Inclusion Coalition continues to grow

Since the inception of the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition (OIC) in 2019, Marcus Shoffner and the coalition members have focused on industry and community collaboration to create a more equitable outdoor space for all. Through shared practices and educational tools the OIC has diversified representation among their organizations and catalyzed change in how communities are seen.

Now is the time for a new phase of the OIC. Starting September 2022 the OIC is branching off of the Venture Outdoors and operating under a new fiscal sponsor, New Sun Rising.

”The Outdoor Inclusion Coalition has experienced exponential growth since its inception in 2019”, said Marcus Shoffner, The Outdoor Inclusion Coalition President & CEO. “I’m excited to further serve alongside the multitude of partner organizations and community members across the state to progress outdoor recreation and initiatives that support positive first-time and continual experiences outdoors.”

The Outdoor Inclusion Coalition will continue to provide educational materials and resources while hosting meetings for industry development upon the transition. In addition, the OIC will provide new programming and assets to support community members and organizations in implementing quality outdoor recreation opportunities.

“Marcus Shoffner founded the Outdoor Inclusion Coalition with the intention of changing the face of our industry”, said Valerie Beichner, Venture Outdoors President & CEO. “Marcus has been a passionate and valuable partner in his time with us and we have been honored to work alongside of him hosting the OIC. This transition is an inevitability we had planned from the start and know the OIC will only grow exponentially in the coming years. We wish Marcus and the OIC great success and we continue to partner and grow together.”

Marcus Shoffner has served as Venture Outdoors Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the past two years. This transition will see him moving on as the President & CEO of the OIC. However, Venture Outdoors will remain a dedicated partner and member of the OIC supporting its mission whenever possible.

Marcus, we wish you and the OIC the best of luck as you continue growing and changing the outdoor industry. We look forward to continue working along side you.

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