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Youth Talk About The Outdoors

4 Youth Explain What Being Outside Means to Them

Hey Students! What does being outside mean to you?  



So what does being outside mean to me? It means being aware of my surroundings and seeing how beautiful nature can be. Being outside brings me peace and harmony. I like going outside and seeing the pretty blue sky. It brings me joy. Nature is often overlooked because of technology. Being outside in my community, you will see a lot of African Americans driving, riding a bike, walking to the store, and more. So when I see other people enjoying nature as much as I do, I get happy.  



I have been doing Venture Outdoors for four years now. Some of my favorite activities to do during Venture Outdoors trips are geocaching, kayaking, and biking. Venture Outdoors is a very fun camp to go to. The staff are very helpful and nice. Venture Outdoors mean so much to me – words cannot explain it. 

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I’m glad to have Venture Outdoors and I’m proud to be a youth leader for the organization. Through the leadership course, I had the chance to talk to some of the kids in my school that I don’t normally socialize with, so I get know them better. I want to explore new places and learn about other activities and communities.



I have been doing Venture Outdoors for over a year. Some of my favorite activities are kayaking and fishing! Venture Outdoors is very fun. The leaders allow you to explore if you want. Going outside means that I get to see and appreciate Mother Nature.  I really appreciate Venture Outdoors in so many ways! 

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