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Meet Amy Camp!

Meet Amy Camp

Venture Outdoor’s trip leader and all around wonder woman. Amy is involved in multiple organizations inspiring everyone to get outside!

Which Trips are you leading this summer?

I recently assisted with the Tamale Ride along the Butler-Freeport Community Trail, and will soon be assisting with the Railroaders Lunch & Ride, Soul to Stream, and Soul to Soil. Both of the “soul” programs explore how faith communities engage in environmental stewardship, which I find to be fascinating.

Who is leading them with you?

I’ll be with Mary Lynn Marsico and Tom Wespy for the Railroaders Lunch & Ride. We did the Tamale Ride together, too, so we already know we make a good team!

What is your favorite summer activity?

I’ve been section hiking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail with friends the last couple of summers (we’ll finish this year). Generally, though, I enjoy hiking, biking, and also just taking in summer more passively. My wife, Kathi (Membership & Volunteer Manager at Venture Outdoors), and I spend a lot of time porch sitting this time of year 🙂. 

What do you like about leading trips with Venture Outdoors?

I like introducing people to either a new activity or a new trail (sometimes both!) and seeing the increased confidence that people can experience by the end of the trip. Related to that, I’d love to see a “before” and “after” photo series of people playing outside. I’m pretty sure the joy would be evident in a lot of the “after” photos. Any photographers out there want to take that on?

What other organizations are you involved with?

I’m a member of the Women’s Business Network and recently finished board terms for American Trails and ICF Pittsburgh, the regional chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Amy with participants of a retreat she lead this summer for her company, Cycle Forward.

Any favorite trips you’ve lead before?

Years ago, I lead a bike ride along the Great Allegheny Passage between Connellsville and Ohiopyle, 34 miles round trip. What I remember most about it is that our group members ranged in age from 27 to 72 and gelled together so nicely. I was so struck by the fact that we people from their 20s into their 70s meeting each other for the first time bonded so easily and shared a great day on the trail.

What trip are you most excited for and why?

I’m excited for the Railroaders Lunch & Ride. It’s part of a series of outings Venture Outdoors is calling Venturing Through Southwest PA. The trips generally tie an outdoor activity with a cultural or heritage experience, and this one’s a great example of that. We’re going to ride the Armstrong Trail, visit historic sites, and have a themed lunch that’s representative of what a rail worker may have eaten while on the job. 

Why do you think it’s so important to get outside?

It’s important for so many reasons, and there’s a whole body of research that supports what we inherently know – that time outside in nature is good for us. We experience lowered blood pressure and stress levels, increased creativity, and higher energy levels. 

I personally feel more grounded and happier when I’m out there.


What is your favorite park in Pittsburgh, and a little bit about why?

Hands down, Frick Park is my favorite. I love the Falls Ravine Trail in particular. The ravine is such a gem; it’s hard to believe you’re in a city when there.

Any final thoughts about Venture Outdoors, and getting involved?

It’s a great organization that has helped so many people to experience the outdoors. I’m happy to play a part from time to time. 

Amy Camp owns Cycle Forward and offers nature-based coaching, programs, and consulting services. 


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